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Get Started Mini Ethernet Controller

Get to Speed with ProtoPixel Mini Ethernet Controller

The Mini controller is a great improvement and it comes with a great application.

Sebastian Hepting,
Lighting Designer at Ingo Maurer

Follow these 4 simple steps to get started.

Controller Connector

1. Open the package 📦

You will find all the items you need: the controller and a 3-way plug connector.

ProtoPixel provides me with a complete lighting technology that allows me to focus on creating experiences.

Logo Simon blanco light up emotions Guillermo Santomà,
Artist & Architect at Simon Electric
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2. Power it up ⚡️

Connect it to your 5v or 12v LED strip* or fixture*.

(+) Means positive, (-) negative and (D) for data.

Plug in the power supply* and you will see the controller blinking and a light pattern through your LED fixture. As simple as that.

* Power supply and fixture are not included.

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3. Pair it with ProtoPixel Create 🤝

Open our software ProtoPixel Create and add a controller.

It will automatically discover and configure the controller, so no extra steps are needed.

Add Fixture And Content Speedup 1080 cover image

4. Send your content 🧑‍🎨

In ProtoPixel Create: add a fixture into your canvas, assign it to the controller and select a content from the Content Library or drag and drop your own.

Get ready to see your content being streamed directly to your LEDs.


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