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So you got a new ProtoPixel Mini Ethernet Controller, right? Integrating it in your setup is extremely easy!

Don't you have a controller?

Controller Connector

Open Sesame 📦

Open the package. All the items you need are there: the controller and a 3-way plug connector.

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Power it up ⚡️

Connect it to your 5v or 12v LED strip* or fixture*.

(+) Means positive, (-) negative and (D) for data.

Plug in the power supply* and you will see the controller blinking and a light pattern through your LED fixture. As simple as that.

* Power supply and fixture are not included.

Add Controller DHCP 2 1080 cover image

Pair it with ProtoPixel Create 🤝

Open ProtoPixel Create and add a controller.

It will automatically discover and configure the controller, so no extra steps are needed.

Add Fixture And Content Speedup 1080 cover image

Send your Content 🧑‍🎨

In ProtoPixel Create: add a fixture into your canvas, assign it to the controller and select a content from the ProtoPixel's Create Content Library or drag and drop your own.

Get ready to see your content being streamed directly to your LEDs.

This is only the beginning

Learn how to do the next steps

How do I play content from the SD card?

Just record the content using ProtoPixel Create. Then place the file in the SD card. It will be automatically added to the playlist.

How can I change the recording it is playing from the SD card?

Just use the built-in button.

How can I change the order or properties of the recording playlist?

You can edit the plist.jsn file automatically generated in the SD card.

Design, deploy and control light. ProtoPixel is all you need – in one platform.


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