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Mimetic. Minimal. Optimal.

Bring your luminaires to the digital age and expand the experience of your customer


Digitalize your light

The ProtoPixel Enabler offers you the possibility to expand your digital luminaire capabilities. Connect your luminaire to the ProtoPixel platform via WIFI and be able to manage up to 1200 RGB or WWA pixels from this optimal device.



Made to fit anywhere

The ProtoPixel Enabler’s dimensions make it easy to incorporate into any type of luminaire. Whether the luminaire is made for technical or decorative lighting, this firmware is adaptable for any category.

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Your unique luminaire

Use our design software to create a unique lighting concept for your product. Develop unique moods that add value to your luminaires and transform a simple on-off and dimming curve into an iconic action.



Orchestrate a lighting system

All luminaires with a ProtoPixel Enabler built-in can also function as a single orchestrated luminaire for spacial and group experience.

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Easy Control

Take advantage of all the benefits digitalization brings with a complementary mobile control app. The ready-to-use ProtoPixel Spaces app gives your clients simple lighting control for your luminaire. Establish direct communication with your users by adapting the app to your own branding for an individualized experience.

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