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Meet la Casa de la Luz

Small Corporate Indoor Solution

La Casa de la Luz is a Simon unique space located in Madrid aimed to be the home of the new light, of which ProtoPixel had the honor to be part. In this venue, people can attend conferences, events, and training sessions, or enjoy an experiential environment in which to understand how light can transform environments and moods, change perceptions and emotions and, ultimately, change our lives.

ProtoPixel, as Simon's technology partner, has designed and digitized all the lighting in La Casa de la Luz to create a dynamic, connective, and experiential space. Making use of the complete ProtoPixel platform, the project has focused on putting light in space and time.

Orchestrating Light


With the ProtoPixel Suite, all the effects have been designed for the more than 100,000 points of light and the 36 different environments the space is composed of.


All the digital lighting in La Casa de la Luz is controllable through the ProtoPixel Spaces App: from simple actions such as turning the lights on and off to making content dynamization for the space accessible. Any new design can be created, saved, and used.


The Cloud layer also makes the control of the facility remotely accessible from anywhere in the world: Add new content? Make repairs? Control the lighting points on time for an event? Possible thanks to the remote control.

La Casa de La Luz Simon Madrid

Once the digital part is deployed, the physical part becomes important. We transfer the software designs to different devices. ProtoPixel Node, which acts as the brain of the installation, is in charge of storing Create's designs and sending information to the installed controllers that are connected to the light points scattered throughout the space.


Integrating the switches with ProtoPixel technology makes it possible to control the general switching on and off, thus representing each space's tangible control. In this way, ProtoPixel offers us the possibility of modifying our moods by adapting them to our needs. Through integration with Simon 100 switches, ProtoPixel makes it possible to link interactions as simple as "all at the click of a button".

Simon Warm Small Corporate Indoor
11 Flagship Simon La Casa de la Luz Guillermo Gutierrez

We find two very different concepts on each floor

The first floor is characterized by the need for functional light: it is a working and physical product display area. On the other hand, we enter a more experiential world on the second floor, where light becomes emotion. We focus on recreating light in the main spaces of our homes. Starting the tour in the bedroom we see the complete lighting simulation from waking up to going to bed.

Made with:

ProtoPixel Mapping Tool (lighting design software)

ProtoPixel Node (lighting control device)

ProtoPixel Long Range (lighting control device)

ProtoPixel Spaces (lighting management app)


Photos by Guillermo Gutiérrez and Jordi Tamayo


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Madrid, Spain