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Off Llum 2022: Take a look behind the scenes

Discover all the technology involved behind the installation of the Like Turtles artwork: how the ProtoPixel platform orchestrates the light to coexist in the environment.

News   1 Oct 2022

ProtoPixel Create

Your vision of light

All the light orchestration for the work has been designed through the ProtoPixel platform.

The lighting effect you see is content created with one of ProtoPixel's strengths: its design layer. With ProtoPixel Create, the most intuitive lighting creativity software on the market today, we have been able to create unique immersive experiences that connect with the environment and with people.

Off llum create

Creativity first

The inspiration behind this content focuses on projecting the sensation of being immersed in the natural patterns of the ocean. It focuses primarily on three movements: watching from beneath the sea as the waves pass by, feeling the currents in motion and the eddies that are organically formed by these currents.


ProtoPixel Node

The brain of the whole operation

Once the design is done in Create, this content travels from the design software to the ProtoPixel Node where this dynamic content is executed. The node, in turn, sends the information to the control devices. For this installation, we have used a single ProtoPixel Mini Controller.

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The installation consists of 230 digital luminaires encapsulated in a bag that acts as a light diffuser.

The structure is mounted on 23 rows of bamboo canes, and each light point can be controlled independently.

This project was developed with 230 RGB LED luminaires, ProtoPixel Create design software, a ProtoPixel Node, a ProtoPixel Ethernet Mini Controller, 69 bamboo canes, and 230 recyclable BIO bags.

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