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An Iconic Stadium, Enlightened

Estadio Mineirão

The Mineirão Stadium, officially known as Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto, is a renowned football stadium located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The stadium features an automation network composed of Protopixel equipment. This network enables the creation of a wide range of pre-programmed lighting effects that can be synchronized with music and on-field attractions remotely, using ProtoPixel's Remote Access. Mineirão will become the third stadium in Brazil to implement LED lighting, following the Morumbi Stadium in 2019 and the Allianz Parque in the previous year. This lighting upgrade not only enhances the visual experience for spectators but also contributes to energy efficiency and the overall development of the stadium's infrastructure.

Mineirao 2

Setting the Stage

The existing 372 metal halide floodlights, which were installed in 2012 as part of the renovation works for the 2014 World Cup, were replaced by 280 LED projectors (TOGO). In the diagrams displayed below, you can observe the schematic connection for integrating the projectors to our technology. The whole installation is running on LED projectors, DMX controllers, and one ProtoPixel Node. The equipment was installed by Tecnowatt, a Brazilian company, member of our partner Simon's group. Each source of light corresponds to a different projected vector of light, and our challenge consisted in remapping all 280 points to their corresponding vectors impacting the field.

Diagram mapping
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Diagrama de Conexion
Mineirao Lamp
Estadio minerao montaje

Brightening The Field

With the new LED technology, energy consumption will be reduced to less than half of the current: 800 kWh. The responsiveness of the lighting system has also improved, enabling instant activation and deactivation of the projectors. Previously, it would take approximately 15 minutes for the entire lighting system to fully illuminate, whereas now, it's instantaneous, similar to turning on the lights at home.



Estadio Mineirao, 2023.


Simon Electric




Belo Horizonte, Brasil