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Shaping a Digital Oasis with ProtoPixel

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Running from 27th April to 27th August 2023, Digital Impact Exhibition is hosted at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona. Produced by Landscapes Agency it is an experience more than an exhibition. Present and future meet as A.I. art and design reveal limitless ideas and concepts, all explored through interactive and immersive installations. Directed by Pep Salazar (OFFF) and curated by Héctor Ayuso (OFFF)

Our involvement in the project is closely tied to our long-time collaborator, Antoni Arola (Estudi Antoni Arola). He approached us with the captivating concept of crafting a celestial color sanctuary within a dome-like structure. The aim was to capture the essence of vibrant atmospheres like the aurora borealis, sandstorms, and tropical rain.

A Sky Archive

This installation goes beyond sensory immersion—it urges awareness of environmental conflicts in our atmosphere, a crucial political space in the climate crisis era. The different Moods were custom-made using our software ProtoPixel Create representing several landscapes in different points of the world.

Oasis Digital Impact All Moods Proto Pixel

Crafting Expressive, Gestural Light

OASIS was the result of a close, collaborative effort with Estudi Antoni Arola's team, where several scale models were developed to test different moods. The different moods were created using ProtoPixel Create and complemented with Touch Designer, enabling the synchronization of luminaire control with projected video. This combination resulted in a realistic atmosphere, where the precise controlled lighting beautifully complemented the grainy textures of the video projection. The final installation was deployed using one ProtoPixel Node and one Long-Range Controller V2.

OASIS Diagram Black
Oasis Process

OASIS. Sky Archive, 2023

Designed by Antoni Arola
Developed by ProtoPixel

Project Management: Catalina Ansaldi
Project Engineering: Lorenza Tabares
Content Creation: Marie Camberbec and Joan Sandoval
Content Technical Support: Kiks Canto
Sound Design: MANS O
Curation: José Luis De Vicente
Digital Impact Exhibition Production: Landscapes Agency

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Estudi Arola




Barcelona, Spain