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A symphony of light

Orchestrating light in space and time

From the smallest installation to the largest building, ProtoPixel makes it easy to illuminate and bring life to any space.

Transform them for increased productivity and wellbeing, energy optimization and enhanced experiences.

With ProtoPixel, the range of possibilities for the control of each LED is infinite. It is a new paradigm, a new way of projecting.

Antoni ArolaFounder at Estudi Arola


How it works



Your creation flow, simple and fast

Upload your floor plan and orchestrate all the elements to create a lighting experience through our beginner-friendly lighting design tool. Or make the most of our Content Library for ready-to-use designs.



Effortless interoperability

Connect our open platform to any hardware or software with minimal effort. Integrate easily from physical switches and sensors to Building Management Systems. The open API allows for infinite integrations

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Connectivity freedom

Monitor and update your space in real-time. Remotely access your installations, check on their status, and adapt whenever you need. The reliable cloud lets you update and shift experiences to fit all of your lighting needs.

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High-standard deployment

Manage any kind of luminaire through our hardware regardless of protocol type, wireless or wired - such as pixel control, DMX or DALI2. With ProtoPixel controllers, autodiscover, get feedback and set up your installation quickly and easily.

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Flexible user control

Adapt the lighting content to your space through the user-friendly mobile app, ProtoPixel Spaces. All of your chosen lighting contents are available in the palm of your hand. The ProtoPixel Spaces App makes it easy for the end-user to control the lighting experience.

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