Integrated Systems Europe 2024

In the 2024 Integrated Systems Europe showcase, ProtoPixel’s stand, designed by Estudi Arola and Estudi Jordi Tamayo, exceeded all expectations. The demonstration space allowed attendees to interact with our technology and witness firsthand the versatility and power of the ProtoPixel Platform through a three-and-a-half-meter-wide demo scale model, representing a significant milestone for ProtoPixel and encapsulating our dedication to innovation and user experience.

The New Way of
Creating Lighting Projects

ProtoPixel provides solutions and adds value in all stages of the lighting project, at any scale. With it you can deliver high quality projects, with seamless experiences, in an agnostic and interoperable way. In the design phase, you can take it to the next level with our agile tools, allowing pre-configuration, and preview of projects. Create any type of atmosphere, from tunable white, color, both static and dynamic. Develop a greater number of projects with more added value and differentiation. Accelerate project implementation by centralizing it into one infrastructure, including both wired and wireless projects, and improve your revenue through 3x faster, more robust, future-proof execution.

The stand design featured three main areas: the product wall, the demo wall, and the showcase screen. Visitors were guided through the process of creating lighting projects in a hands-on experience with the ProtoPixel Platform. They followed the journey through stages of design, implementation, and digital services. It was crucial for us to have an interactive space for our demos, as we place utmost value on our "show, don't tell" policy. We believe that the interaction between visitors and the ProtoPixel Platform should be straightforward and intuitive.

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Perspectives of our ISE Booth

Building A 3-Meter-Wide Demo Model

IMG 1512

(Top) Scene design carrousel designed by Antoni Arola - (Bottom) Working and testing the model

With a width of almost three-and-a-half meters, the demo scale model was the crowning jewel of our booth. The goal was simple: to design a versatile, ethereal space where we could showcase the capabilities of the ProtoPixel Platform. Antoni Arola, well known for his lighting and small-scale model skills, worked closely with our team and Jordi Tamayo to envision and develop the centerpiece of our demo wall, which was fully functional and showcased the flexibility of our platform in great detail. Visitors were able to jump into our demo stations and interact with the ProtoPixel Platform in a matter of seconds, without any previous technical knowledge.

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The first prototype to test dimensions and light, at Estudi Antoni Arola

It featured SPI LED strips, DALI downlights, and sensors, all accessible through two Long-Range Controllers and orchestrated by a Node. The integration of the Simon iO 270 switch and the ProtoPixel App facilitated swift, smooth transitions in pre-set moods. Our clients where able to experiment the platform first hand in our demos, where they could test and play the platform with real time results on the Demo wall.

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In conclusion, introducing the new way of creating lighting projects at ISE represents a significant leap forward for us. Through careful collaboration, we've managed to highlight not just the power and versatility of the ProtoPixel Platform, but also our dedication to innovation and user experience. Leveraging Antoni Arola's expertise and the collaboration with Estudi Jordi Tamayo, we created a booth that fascinated visitors, making it easy for them to interact with our technology, regardless of their technical background.

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