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ProtoPixel App

Configure, change & control

ProtoPixel's App is the easiest way to interact with powerful lighting experiences using your mobile device

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Start by setting up your space

Group your lighting elements into physical spaces and control them in the distribution you like most.

A project can be as large and impactful as a shopping centre, or as small as a corner of your desk — you can even create Spaces within ProtoPixel Spaces to ensure complete configurable control.



Shape the light to each space

ProtoPixel Spaces enables on-site configuration to adapt your lighting concepts from the digital to the physical world.

Fine-tune your Spaces by adjusting lighting features like tunable whites, brightness, speed or dynamic texts.

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Enhance your lighting experience

Trigger lighting moods with physical switches, integrate with sensors, audiovisual solutions, and Building Management Systems and see how your lighting experience improves drastically - the possibilities are endless.

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Be in control of the rules

Efficient lighting is the very ethos of ProtoPixel Spaces. And what better way to save time than by automating lighting changes in your Spaces?

Rules can be triggered by everything from time of day, moods, sensors, and switches to APIs.



Empower the end user

ProtoPixel Spaces allows to create user profiles to give varying levels of control through widgets while minimising clutter and confusion.

This means you could give one user nothing more than a single button to turn off the lights, while another has the capability to adjust finer details like warmth and effects.

The result? A unique, easy and totally unforgettable user experience.

Professional services

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