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Design stunning lighting experiences with our desktop software. For anyone looking to get creative with lighting.

Designer using protopixel on laptop with headphones ProtoPixel

ProtoPixel Create

Create dynamic lighting using images, video, generative visuals, or code. Make your lighting interact with mobile devices, sensors, wearables, or cloud data.

  • Support for a great variety of content types (video codecs, image formats, syphon).
  • Mobile app (web based) to control your lighting on the go.
  • Use ProtoPixel Controllers and ArtNet-based controllers.
  • GPU-based light composition for high performance
  • Scripting capabilities for advanced generative lighting content
  • Control via WebApp, OSC and WebSockets for integration with third party applications.
  • Unrestricted, full quality display on LEDs (only with active subscription)
  • Available for Mac OSX (Windows coming soon)
  • Pay as you deploy your projects

Management Plans

Manage and control your lighting projects anytime from your phone, tablet or desktop, all over the world.


For single lighting deployment


Per Month

  • Secure remote administration
  • Remote and continuous monitoring
  • E-mail support within 24h
  • Device replacement in 15 working days
  • Scheduler App (3 program)
  • Manager App (up to 5 zones)


Manage multiple lighting deployments


Per Month

  • Secure remote administration
  • Remote and continuous monitoring
  • E-mail support within 12h
  • Phone support 24h
  • On-site support in Barcelona, Berlin and Munich
  • Device replacement in 7 working days
  • Scheduler App (up to 10 programs)
  • Manager App (up to 10 zones)


For large-scale lighting installations, globally


Per Month

  • Secure remote administration
  • Remote and continuous monitoring
  • E-mail support within 12h
  • Phone support 24h
  • On-site support within the EU
  • Device replacement in 2 working days
  • Scheduler App (unlimited programs)
  • Manager App (unlimited zones)


All that you need to deploy your lighting projects autonomously and control them remotely. Upload your ProtoPixel Create projects on the go, automate them, and give your clients the perfect control through our App.

Download Spec sheet

WiFi Controller

A miniaturized wireless pixel LED controller for any type of digital LED fixture, and handling up to 600 RGB LEDs. Use it as a player of sequences stored in the microSD card, or as a streaming controller, integrated to ProtoPixel Create or a Node.

Download Spec sheet

1-channel Controller

Manage any type of digital LED fixture, up to 600 RGB LEDs, with a controller that can be easily hook up to any local network. In stand-alone modes, it is perfect for autonomous content playing.

Download Spec sheet

8-channel Controller

Our high-performance controller. Hold the power of 5000 LEDs in one hand. Perfect for large-scale installations and architectural projects. Easy to connect and network, and completely configurable.

Download Spec sheet


The perfect device for projects that need playing light sequences. Load your ProtoPixel Create projects and use the Player’s App to easily organise your playlist.

Download Spec sheet

Learning Kits

Get started with ProtoPixel and Dynamic Lighting with our learning kits, in partnership with Light Walls. Handy and solid suitcase containing complete solutions in two levels of advancement.

Download Spec sheet

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Contact us and we'll provide a trusted re-seller.

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Opening a store? Planning your next large scale event? Or you simply need a more advanced SLA?



Can I use Protopixel for free?

Sure. You can request a 1-month free trial of ProtoPixel Create in our website.

What happens when I continue to work with Protopixel Create after the Free Trial ends?

You can keep on testing ProtoPixel Create, but a color mark will appear in the lighting output and you will not be able to upload projects to Nodes till you get a subscription.

Do you offer student discounts?

We are happy to support both students and emerging creators through discounts and special offers. Just drop us a line.

Why do you need my billing information?

To deliver purchase invoices and calculate any taxes that might apply.

How is pricing calculated for Protopixel's different products?

The price of our software and management plans are based on monthly subscriptions, but we are happy to provide the best possible offer for your long-term projects. Our devices is commercialised by distributors that will also offer you the best price for bundles. Just contact us to direct you to a reseller in your region.

Do you have monthly and yearly billing options?

We have standard subscriptions are monthly based, but we also provide special yearly packs under request

What happens when I change management plans?

Your remote management and monitoring benefits are updated automatically after your payment is process

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Your ProtoPixel Create will be downgraded to the free trial with its limitations, but none of your projects will be affected. Neither those stored in ProtoPixel devices

What happens if I cancel my management plan?

You will stop having remote access to your ProtoPixel devices

What happens if my payment fails? E.g. an expired credit card.

You will get an email notification asking to change your payment method within one week. If the payment does not come through, your subscription or plan will be cancelled.

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