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Mesmeric Ceilings for Illa Diagonal

L’illa Diagonal, Barcelona's first shopping center, is currently being refurbished in a grand project: Led by the respected architectural firm Batlleiroig, the new Illa aims to redefine the shopping, cultural and artistic experience. The center, spanning a vast 35,000 square meters and housing 170 stores, draws roughly 14 million visitors annually.

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A new Illa

The refurbishment project was aimed not just at improving the user experience but also at keeping the shopping center current and meeting new trends and needs. Lighting design by Artec Studio and project installation by Lumalia, ProtoPixel has provided technology for a dynamic 1,100-square-meter installation that showcases the synergy of architecture and lighting design.

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The installation

This installation, consisting of over 200,000 pixels meticulously mapped throughout the space, displays dynamic and scheduled content through several ProtoPixel Long-Range Controllers, orchestrated by a Node. The use of RGBW LEDs allows for a wide range of colors, and every part of the installation, from the panels to the LEDs and the textile tensioning, has been custom-designed and made to fit the space. The ceiling, blurring the lines between lighting and low-resolution screens, comes alive through custom content developed at ProtoPixel. Inspired by the mesmerizing and mysterious northern lights, the installation uses shadows to create an immersive experience that conjures up different atmospheres, combining spectacle with refinement.

The lighting design and concept were conceived and overseen by Batlleiroig with the lighting design studio Artec Studio, while Lumalia Studio handled the manufacture, assembly, and installation of the digital canvas on the ceiling, and ProtoPixel provided the Lighting Platform for content design and maintenance. The ProtoPixel Platform allows for content scheduling in a centralized control system, making the calendarization of content seamlessly integrate with the day-to-day routines of the mall.

With an impressive annual footfall of 16 million visitors, L’illa Diagonal is a showcase of innovation, technological progress, and integration of our ProtoPixel Platform to create seamless, high quality lighting experiences.

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Illa Diagonal, 2024.


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Barcelona, Spain