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Four Ways to Transform a Space with Lighting

Get to know the unique forms Acid House Barcelona is using ProtoPixel's all-in-one platform to enhance a variety of actions with brands and artists in its Window Gallery.

Case Studies   1 Oct 2022


Acid House Barcelona is a Cultural and Creative Hub for Business Innovation led by Folch Studio. Since May, 2020, ProtoPixel is its lighting technology partner. On the right side of the facade there is the Window Gallery, a space in unceasing transformation for new projects, pop-up creations and collaborations.


To make lighting a key element of the hub's creative actions and to offer them a tool to easily design, deploy and control everything happening in the Window Gallery.

Acid house

adidas Originals joined forces with Acid House to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Superstar, and commissioned artists Raúl Nieves and David Haro the creation of an installation.

They leveraged on ProtoPixel to create a lighting environment that helped the brand to display a classic product in a modern way–while expressing its everlasting identity through color–and to easily control the installation with our app.

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Together with Record Play UK and White Horse, Acid House materialized Gallery Sessions, a new format halfway the clip and the live show.

They used ProtoPixel to dynamically emphasize the performances, making our lighting system easily coexist with audio and video from the start, and therefore becoming essential to give the space this new purpose.

G Allery promo

With the aim of announcing our partnership, together with Acid House we designed an installation to celebrate the happy deal.

We wanted to merge their creativity and our technology in an attractive way, so we came up with PHENOMENON, a beautiful lighting creation that offered the passers-by a series of enjoyable, colorful and relaxing landscapes.


A new collaboration between Acid House and adidas came in for the new ZX 2K Boost model with Raúl Nieves and David Haro again in charge of the creation of an installation.

The artists wanted to enhance the oddly satisfying feeling of the sneakers, and to that end they relied on ProtoPixel to conceptualize a piece that, helped by the lighting ambients they generated, provoked sensations from the first moment, conveying the comfort and expressing the vibrant identity of the product showcased.

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ProtoPixel Create: the software to design lighting creations. ProtoPixel Mini WiFi: the LED Controller to deploy the creations. ProtoPixel Node: the device that acts as a brain for the project. ProtoPixel App: the tool for controlling everything.