LED Wall for a Theatre Play

"Nit de reis (o el que vulguis)," directed by Pau Carrió and featuring music by Arnau Vallvé. Pau Carrió and the fresh Kompanyia Lliure brought to the stage one of the last comedies written by Shakespeare. Their first representation took place in July 2017, scheduled as part of the renowned Festival Grec.

ProtoPixel's technology was used to control a modular LED wall that became an expressive set for the play, showing a video animation providing a unique visual atmosphere to the show. 

The 50 m2 wall, composed of 25 modules of 2mx1m and 250 meters of RGB LED fixtures, was operated by a single ProtoPixel LED Controller. Thanks to its modularity, Kompanyia Lliure has been able to use it in many ways and for different plays.


Grec Festival




Barcelona, Spain



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