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Recreating Environmental Conditions with Lighting

Our clients Pinearq (architecture studio) and Agefred (installer) contacted us to create the digital lighting system for Barcelona IVF Clinic’s recovery room, a space that aims to offer the greatest possible well-being to both users and workers while placing light in time and space.

"It’s very interesting to work with systems that allow such variability. With ProtoPixel we can evolve further because it allows us to create any setting we can imagine." Albert de Pineda (Pinearq).

The idea was to recreate outdoor environmental conditions through luminaries controlled with our technology that would offer the users of the room and the workers different atmospheres to feel better during their stay and their working day.

Made with:
  • ProtoPixel Create (lighting design software)
  • ProtoPixel Mini (LED Controller)
  • ProtoPixel Spaces (lighting management app)
  • A project by Pinearq, Agefred and ProtoPixel
  • Lighting Technology: ProtoPixel
  • Video: ProtoPixel





Barcelona, Spain