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Mini Controller

The Easiest Way to Start with Lighting

Simple, compact and powerful. The Mini controller is what you need to make your first lighting projects a reality.

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All the Power in Your Hands

So compact that you won't even notice it. Great for portable fixtures and fast installations. The perfect controller to take wherever you go.

The Mini controller is a great improvement and it comes with a great application.

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Lighting Designer at Ingo Maurer
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The Connectivity You Need

The Mini Controller comes in two configurations: WiFi and Ethernet. Get the flexibility you need for a quick and easy setup with the Mini WiFi or deploy your professional installations faster with the Mini Ethernet.

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Unlimited Compatibility

The Mini Controller connects to ProtoPixel Create in seconds, and it is also compatible with any lighting software supporting Art-Net. The sky is the limit.

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Mobile App

Small Controller, Great App

The controller's App offers the experience you and your customer deserve. One click configuration and seamless operation. Get full control from any mobile device.


Unlimited Lighting at a Fraction of the Price

Store almost 200 hours of lighting content (600 RGB px, 30 fps). It means 1€ per hour of recording.


Design, deploy and control light. ProtoPixel is all you need – in one platform.


Made with ProtoPixel

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