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ProtoPixel at Llum & Off Llum 2023

The Llum BCN and Off Llum light arts festival, brought together once again tens of thousands of neighbours of Poblenou in its streets and squares, around the interventions of creators from all fields.

In this 2023 edition, our technology has been used for several of the installations of this wonderful lighting festival, with the same challenge as always: to make the vision of light a reality.

Continue reading if you want to know which are #MadeWithProtoPixel.

Torre Glòries by Richard Vijgen

Torre Glòries is one of the icons of Barcelona and for the last few years, a symbol that best represents the infinite capabilities of the ProtoPixel platform.

This year, Mirador torre Glòries contacted us with a unique proposal from a Dutch artist and designer whose work focuses on artistic data visualization, Richard Vijgen. His concept for this year's Llum BCN was to collect information about the city of Barcelona and project it in real-time.

The project was made with ProtoPixel Create, our lighting software, and the whole light installation integrated into the facade of the tower since 2017.

DesigNova by Maurici Ginés

DesigNova, installed at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, is a light installation that, like the "Nova" stars, which have just been created, wants to convey a message of the future, of that which is born, new, desired, alive—a trail of colour and positive energy in continuous movement.

The project was designed and sequenced with our lighting design software, ProtoPixel Create, and controlled through a Node, the centrepiece of the installation.

Designadal ALTA 5

Light of Love by Maurici Ginés

Light of Love, focused on the emblematic welcome sculpture by designer Javier Mariscal and made out of translucent EVA sheets, is a work of light art that seeks to interact with people and create signs of light to abstract the relationship between heart and love. The tune runs through the heart, pulsating, pumping light and sound, while artist DJ Shelly makes the room and people pulsate and live to the beat of the music.

Artec Studio used ProtoPixel Create, our lighting design software, to design the concept of the art piece and a Node to control the different controllers and receivers used to manage the digital luminaires.

Wood Wide Web by BAU Alumni

Wood Wide Web is designed by BAU alumni and with the collaboration of LedsC4 and ProtoPixel. The installation simulates the network of underground connections that trees, fungi, and bacteria use to communicate with each other.

The installation was designed with ProtoPixel Create, and the students used 16 digital totems lent by LEDS C4 for the event. Do they look familiar? It's because they are! These totems were also used in a previous ephemeral installation in the summer of 2022 at the Grec Gardens.

Each totem had a receiver and the whole installation was controlled with 2 ProtoPixel Long Ranges v2, our most powerful controllers, and a Node, which acted as the installation's brain.


Torre Glòries video: ProtoPixel

DesigNova photos: Artec Studio

Light of Love videos: Artec Studio

Wood Wide Web photos: Miquel Martinez


Poblenou Urban District




Barcelona, Spain