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Illuminating the Teatre Grec Gardens

The Barcelona GREC Festival returned to our city stronger than ever and opened the doors of the iconic Teatre Grec in Montjuïc with a gorgeous lighting installation. As part of the event, ProtoPixel and LEDS C4, created an interactive lighting experience called ‘Resilience’ which highlighted the enormous capacity of the new generations to overcome the obstacles and traumatic circumstances that we had recently experienced.

Colors and ambients

Along the garden's first sector, you could find the 2.5-meter tall digital totems that blended in with the surroundings. Their function was to create an interactive space. The totems remained calm displaying warm white, blue, and lilac tones. When someone interacted with the button placed at the entryway it triggered an environment of chaos – using red, black, and white dynamic light.

Concept and control

To conceptualize and bring the idea of “Resilience” to life, we were able to deliver the vision of light in that project by co-designing three main light expressions through our lighting platform.

These light contents were programmed to be projected on the eighteen digital totems that were strategically distributed along the main walkway of the garden. When a visitor pushed the button, the scene was interrupted and the pre-programmed sequence activated.

Made with:

ProtoPixel Create (lighting design software)

ProtoPixel Long Range (lighting control device)

ProtoPixel Spaces (lighting management app)


A project by LEDS C4

Lighting Technology by ProtoPixel

Pictures by Jordi Anguera

Video by Eloy Calvo






Barcelona, Spain