WEB22001 Long Range HERO cover image
Long-Range v2

Compact. Powerful. Optimised.

The ProtoPixel Long-Range v2 is the most powerful LED Controller for your large-scale installations. Comply by all standards for retail, office and hospitality.

Diagrama long range

A Gear for Vast Environments

Able to reach distances of up to 330 meters from the device to the digital luminaries. Break all physical limitations, avoid noise and stream content to 8 simultaneous outputs up to 9600RGB LEDs without losing signal quality.

Interface 2 cover image

Stand-Alone Testing

Test the installations directly from the hardware by using the indicators built in the long-range for easily accessing stand-alone mode.

USP Config Tool 001 mp4 cover image

Get a Bird's-eye View

You are now equipped with the new Configuration Tool, a web app developed to ensure a seamless setup process for the installer. Quit double-checking and monitor the status of all your devices connected to the installation from a single site.

MKT22012 Long Range V2 Rack 5

A Controller That Grows
With Your Needs

Optimise maintenance, installation and spåace by fitting all the devices together in the same rack and 2 controllers per rack tray. The sky is the limit.


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