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Get Started Long-Range

Get to Speed with ProtoPixel Long-Range Controller

We are here to help you with these 5 simple steps.


1. Open the package 📦

What's inside? You will find the controller along with 8 green connectors and 2 rack mount ears. 

What else will you need? Long-Range Receivers (at least one). You can buy them from our distributors: see step 3 and bottom block.

ISO Longe Range 02032021

2. Power it up ⚡️

Connect the controller to your PoE injector or PoE router to get the device running.

ISO Longe Range High Res

3. Connect the Long-Range receivers 🔗

To complete this step you will need at least one receiver, which you can buy from our distributors (see bottom block).

Use a cross cable to connect the receivers to the controller in order to maximize its potential and minimize the noise.

Now you can reach up to 200 meters. Give it a try!

ISO Longe Range Power

4. Connect your fixtures 💡

Time to finish the connections: use 5V or 12V to power up the Long-Range receivers. 

Our tip: use the power supply from your LED strips to drive the receivers.


5. Take control 🎛️

With the connections done, now you can build up your project using the ProtoPixel platform. 

Design with our software ProtoPixel Create (the controller will find it automatically), deploy to the ProtoPixel Node and control everything using ProtoPixel App.

That's all. Ride the lighting!


Do you want to know more about ProtoPixel?


Buy accessories (receivers, led strips, cables...) and controllers from a distributor in your region.

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Can't find a distributor in your region?


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