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Get Started Long-Range

Get to Speed with ProtoPixel Long-Range Controller

Follow these 5 simple steps to get started.

Long Range_Get Started_1. Open the package

1. Open the package 📦

You will find the controller along with 8 green connectors and 2 rack mount ears.

You will also need at least one Long-Range Receiver, which you can get from your re-seller.


2. Power it up ⚡️

Connect the controller to your PoE injector or PoE router to get the device running.


3. Connect the Long-Range receiver 🔗

Connect the receiver to the controller. Our tip: use a cross cable to avoid noise.

Now you can reach up to 300 meters!


4. Connect your fixture 💡

Connect your fixture to the receiver. Our tip: use the power supply from your LED strip (5V or 12V).

Long Range_Get Started_Schematic

5. Take control 🎛️

Now you can build up your project using the ProtoPixel Long-Range controller. To make the most of it, use our software ProtoPixel Create to design, the ProtoPixel Node to deploy autonomously, and the ProtoPixel App to control everything.

That's all. Ride the lighting!

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