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Functional Lighting for Innovative Educational Centers

The Core School is the Educational Hub of international reference for professionals in the audiovisual leisure and entertainment industry. It is located in Madrid, the largest audiovisual hub in Europe, with specialized training, created based on the real needs of the major players in the entertainment and fiction content industry.

In mid-2021, Ignasi Llauradó, CEO & Creative Director of deardesign studio, contacted ProtoPixel with the aim of illuminating and enlivening the atrium of the school in a functional, dynamic and youthful way.

A transformed MICE venues (MICE is an acronym that stands for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) into a dynamic space where lighting enables the creation of customizable, flexible lighting environments perfect for any activity, from product launches to keynote speeches. Remote management simplifies creating and implementing lighting playlists and schedules, automating your lighting for seamless event execution.

ProtoPixel Platform

The project's main goal was to find the best way to achieve functional lighting without losing the energy of the young generations. That is why, with the help of deardesign, we created 6 different lighting contents through ProtoPixel Mapping Tool, our lighting design software. Each of them achieves a unique and singular atmosphere for every moment of a student's journey.

In order to control the luminaires, we used a Long Range, a control device used for medium to large installations like this atrium, and a Node, the installation brain of the whole project and what lets us update and deploy our designs anywhere and anytime.

Create Atrio

And finally, to get the whole experience of managing the luminaires like a pro, we worked with the ProtoPixel App, which allows everyday users to organize and control lighting projects easily. Thanks to it, the different ambients can be easily changed depending on the different needs of the school.

The lighting scope of the atrium installation comprises 3 types of luminaires (short vertical, long vertical, and L-shape luminaires) designed by deardesign. The 3 types of luminaires comprise digital LED profiles that allow the creation of lighting effects, and here is where the ProtoPixel Platform took action.

"The ease and flexibility of ProtoPixel, a reference team in the sector, have helped us dynamize the space and be able to create different atmospheres depending on the use of the space, such as project presentations, small and large conferences, events, and trainings" - Ignasi Llauradó


The Core School




Madrid, Spain