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ProtoPixelizing a very unique lamp

Ingo Maurer's masterpiece

MOODMOON is a decorative wall lamp that combines innovation and tradition in the interplay of LED technology and Japanese paper.

Product & Lighting Designer, Sebastian Hepting, who has been part of the Ingo Maurer team since 2003, came up with the idea for the MOODMOON luminaire in the midst of a pandemic, in which the home is used for a great variety of functions - work, school, relaxing or even inspiration - and light is able to offer all these specific moments that turn into moods.

At this point, Ingo Maurer contacts ProtoPixel to work together with the aim of integrating the ProtoPixel technology into the product. The challenge was to add color to light and still create poetry through it.

With ProtoPixel I found a great partner to push the limits of design a little bit higher when it comes to quality of light in a new way

Sebastian HeptingProduct Designer at Ingo Maurer

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ProtoPixel's design team guided Hepting through the whole platform to make his own vision of light a reality, helping him to identify the sensations he wanted to work with and managing to recreate them as real as possible through ProtoPixel's lighting design software.

Moods and ambients

With the MOODMOON, the room can be drenched in 14 different moods or ambients, some are static and some keep on moving. Thanks to ProtoPixel Create, we managed to design and create these specific moods in order to achieve different emotions depending on the user's needs.

The wall light and can be regulated through a mobile app which increases its flexibility to adapt to the room and mood and due to the irregularities in the material, each MOODMOON makes every space even more unique.

Via the ProtoPixel Spaces app, users can choose from 14 different lighting moods and color gradients and change the atmosphere of a room according to their own sensibilities. In this way, the MOODMOON moods, which are partly static and partly moving, can be adapted to personal needs.

MOODMOON and its effect on people

Light and color have a significant effect not only on the visual but also on people's biological and emotional well-being. MOODMOON focuses on people's individual well-being and thus reflects the concept of Human Centric Lighting, the art of creating lighting that mimics the natural daylight that drives our bodily functions. It enhances human performance, comfort and health.

The idea is to make people rest to pause in a very fast world to make them slow down a little bit and decelerate

Sebastian HeptingProduct Designer at Ingo Maurer

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On May 2021 MOODMOON won the NYCxDESIGN Award 2021 hosted by Interior Design and sponsored by ICFF (The International Contemporary Furniture Fair), in the product category SCONCE.


ProtoPixel Create (Lighting Design Software)

ProtoPixel Enabler (Lighting Control Device)


Photos by Ingo Maurer


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