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ProtoPixel DUO

Showstopping lighting within your reach

Stage a complete lighting installation with a single device

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All options in the palm of your hand

Want to create amazing lighting experiences in minutes? Discover the most flexible, compact and versatile digital LED controller, the ProtoPixel DUO.

The ProtoPixel DUO is an easily portable controller designed to do stand-alone lighting installations. You won't need more than one DUO to control up to 2400 RGB pixels.

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One Man Show

With only one ProtoPixel DUO and some pixel lights you can create a complete lighting installation anywhere, anytime

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Dual Connection

Connect via Ethernet or WiFI from a single device. Choose the option that suits you best depending on the needs of the space.

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Control up to 2400 RGB pixels at 30fps with stand-alone mode

DUO Starter Kit With real size duo

Start from the beginning

Get your own starter pack to create a small lighting installation at your office, your store, or your home.

The ProtoPixel Duo offers a unique feature: the stand-alone mode. You can deploy a complete installation with only the DUO and an SD memory card.

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ProtoPixel DUO

Do you have digital pixel luminaries? Get your ProtoPixel DUO and start enjoying all the possibilities with the complete ProtoPixel platform

  • Includes 1 ProtoPixel DUO
  • Includes installation guide for same-day set up
  • Includes 3-month subscription to ProtoPixel Create
DUO Starter Kit With real size duo ProtoPixel

Starter Pack DUO

New to digital pixel light? Get your ready-to-play pack and light up your first digital pixel luminaire

  • Includes 1 ProtoPixel DUO
  • Includes 2x 1m LED bars and 1 power supply
  • Includes 3-month subscription to ProtoPixel Create
  • Includes installation guide for same-day set up

What types of luminaires can I control with the ProtoPixel DUO?

With the ProtoPixel DUO you can control a variety of luminaires. These are the pixel protocols supported by the controller: WS2812, WS2811, WS2812B, WS2815, WS2813, Neopixel, SK6812, GW6205, UCS1903, UCS2904, CS8812, GS8208, Tx1818, UCS1903, GS8206

Can I use ProtoPixel DUO with other systems?

Yes, the ProtoPixel DUO controller is compatible with Art-Net protocol. Check out other technical specifications you may need here.

How can I control the designs of my lights with the ProtoPixel DUO?

The ProtoPixel DUO comes with a free web app called Player. Player allows you to create a playlist with all your lighting designs and control them at your will. Get to know more about the application here.

Want to create amazing designs for your lighting installations? Check out ProtoPixel Create, our beginner-friendly lighting design software.

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Create your own designs

Our lighting design software, ProtoPixel Create, has a neat and intuitive interface for creating unique dynamic lighting designs. Experiment with your ideas and visualize them in an instant.

ProtoPixel Create also offers a large gallery of pre-made designs and templates with everything you may need for creating showstopping lighting experiences.

DUO For Marketing Playlist

Display your own designs

Let's bring your designs to the real world! Connect your controller, upload the recordings of your designs to the Player app, hit play and shuffle through the items or reproduce them automatically.


Want to know more about our technology?

Let our team help you navigate the ProtoPixel platform.


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