Maraba 2

Minimalistic Facade at Lanzarote's Open Mall

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ProtoPixel’s Retail Outdoor Solution is the best way to achieve dynamic and eye-catching architectural lighting. Creating emblematic retail buildings requires impactful lighting: with pixel-to-pixel level precision, the packetized solution allows the creation of bespoke content that can be remotely controlled and updated. It offers adaptability to any brand’s evolving needs and acts as a vessel for creating iconic outdoor architecture.

The Lanzarote Open Mall reflects our commitment to excellence in architectural lighting design. The result is a practical lighting system that enhances the exterior facade. Our lighting platform and digital services provide smooth lighting interactivity, bringing retail architecture to a higher standard of design and experiential innovation.

Maraba 1

Maraba Studio designed and implemented a dynamic lighting system for the facade of Open Mall Lanzarote using exterior lights arranged in a grid. This design transforms the facade into a vibrant display, enhancing the shopping center's visual appeal at nighttime. ProtoPixel provided the lighting platform, integrating various technologies and products, and using the DMX protocol for precise control. The installation featured a ProtoPixel Node, DMX King, and Splitter DalcNet. For designing the project, we used the Mapping Tool and the ProtoPixel App for remote control.

The outdoor retail lighting solution package is specially designed to create dynamic, eye-catching facades and installations. It features a robust, wired, pixel-to-pixel installation, ensuring low latency and fluidity in lighting scenes, ideal for displaying engaging brand content through a variety of sources including colors, images, videos, and more.


Maraba Studio




Lanzarote, Spain