Sport Schuster 4

Connecting Retail Spaces Through Light

The legendary German design studio Ingo Maurer was in charge of creating a lighting concept capable of making Sport Schuster in Münich a memorable space for visitors and customers. Maurer's team created a parametric shape composed of 102 inflatable light elements that were suspended at the entrance and all along the store, drawing a gentle curve of lights. The installation points the way to the new part of the long-established sport outfitters thanks to ProtoPixel technology.

Ingo Maurer and his team developed the robust version of the Blow Me Up (also made with ProtoPixel technology) for business premises together with Theo Möller, the designer of the inflatable lighting fixture in just a few months. The reopening of the sports shop was on 10 October 2018.

  • Design, Video and Photos: Ingo Maurer Team
  • Lighting Technology: ProtoPixel (Create, Controller and Node)
  • Supported by NEOTEC program by CDTI (SNEO-20171028)

Ingo Maurer




Münich, Germany