Interactive Installation for MIRA Festival

Under the modern digital eye of fast and fleeting information, networks and notoriety, everybody's 15 minutes of fame can be compressed to shine into 15 seconds of light.

Powered by ROBE Lighting and commissioned by MIRA Festival, in collaboration with Tigrelab, we created “15 Seconds of Light”, an ever-changing space based on interactive lighting and generative sound. The piece, built using 20 Robe Pointes, ProtoPixel lighting technology, C4D and Pure Data, premiered at MIRA Berlin in Funkhaus and allowed people to freely act over the light and soundscape through a microphone placed in the middle of space.

  • Original generative sound: Mathieu Bosi. 
  • Video Edit: Felipe Mejía. 
  • Photos: Xarlene Visuals.

MIRA Festival




Berlin, Germany



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