Bringing Playful Experiences with Lighting

Our long-term client, the multimedia art studio Hexxadom (part of Calidos 360) was commissioned the design of an outdoor piece for Christmas period in Barcelona. In line of their amazing creations, they wanted it to easily merge science, technology and creativity, aimed over all at kids but for all types of audiences in the end to experience it.

They came up with a very engaging idea and ProtoPixel provided the lighting technology for it. The result was a beautiful, interactive installation that consisted of several circles of LEDs driven by the children through a crank that displayed light animations and shapes according to the speed applied.

Through modular and explorative approaches like this, Calidos transforms public spaces bringing to life playful experiences for a wide range of publics. Their installations have the power to reshape the space through lighting objects powered by ProtoPixel and showcased all around Europe.

This is a great example of how ProtoPixel helps creative minds to quickly develop and deploy unique lighting objects with minimum technical effort.

  • ProtoPixel Create (lighting design software)
  • ProtoPixel Mini Controller
  • A project by Hexxadom - Calidos 360
  • Lighting Technology by ProtoPixel 
  • Videos by Hexxadom





Barcelona, Spain



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