Iconic Objects for Public Spaces

“Flying to Peace” is a fabulous light installation by the world-renowned German design studio Ingo Maurer, produced for Messe Frankfurt in 2018 and designed with ProtoPixel's lighting technology.

Visitors noticed a red light line on the floor tracing the oscillation of the pendulum, made with ProtoPixel technology. Looking upwards, they saw a 18-meters-high, striking light art object defining the upper space in the hall foyer. Unlike a Foucault pendulum, in this installation it moved up and down on a vertical plane.

The installation travelled five meters upwards while oscillating. At its resting position, the lower edge of the pendulum was three meters above the ground. The pendulum cycle was divided into five stages and lasted around an hour.

  • A project by Ingo Maurer Studio for Messe Frankfurt
  • Lighting Technology: ProtoPixel
  • Videos and Photo: Ingo Maurer Studio

Ingo Maurer




Frankfurt, Germany



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