Immersive Lighting for a Premium Restaurant

The idea was to create a space which includes senses like lights, colors, flavors, aromas, sounds and sights to the restaurant experience. And the lighting plays one of the major roles in this sensual performance. 

LED tubes programmed with ProtoPixel technology adopt the colors according to the food service, the music played and the general customer behaviors. This combination creates a fully immersive space for the iconic restaurant on top of the Hesperia Barcelona Tower with outstanding 360° view of the city. The lighting is controlled from the ProtoPixel app, providing a full controle of the experience from any mobile device.

Ovnew restaurant team's innovative approach to the kitchen and to the space helped to bring a customer experience to an absolutely new level.

  • Design: ProtoPixel
  • Photos, Videos: Ovnew restaurant, Eurecat 

Ovnew Restaurant




Barcelona, Spain



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