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Mixing Sustainability, Light, and Color

The Off Llum Festival returned to the streets of Poblenou (Barcelona's creative quarter) after 2021's hiatus and did so with its usual circuit of light installations. As part of the event, ProtoPixel and the creative director of Artec Studio, Maurici Ginés created a large-scale art installation in our offices.

ProtoPixel and Artec Studio worked side by side to carry out an idea that mixed awareness, light, and color: Like Turtles, a work that denounces the pollution caused by plastic waste in the natural habitat of turtles, the sea.

The installation consists of dozens of plastic bags placed on rails and containing LED pixels inside them, which in turn are controlled by our software Create. Thanks to ProtoPixel's technology, which allows the lighting experience to be designed, deployed and controlled, Artec Studio was free to be creative and develop dynamic scenes and animations with the colors of each LED pixel.

On the same day of the inauguration of the installation, Friday 4th February, we organized the second edition of Shaping The Light, the event we run with the aim of bringing together figures from the creative, technological and social communities to explain trends, works, projects, and other interesting topics. On this occasion, we had the presence of Marta Aymerich, an expert in color and innovation, who spoke about the relationship between color and sustainability through the trends that brands embrace in their campaigns, and Maurici Ginés.

For us, it is very important to be connected with the creative community, from Poblenou Urban District (organizer of the festival) to Lateral Thinking and Simon (partner and sponsor of the event) through the speakers.

Made with:
  • ProtoPixel Create (lighting design software)
  • ProtoPixel Node (lighting control device)
  • ProtoPixel Spaces (lighting management app)

Poblenou Urban District




Barcelona, Spain