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Making Alexis Ferrer's vision a reality

The renowned hairstylist Alexis Ferrer used ProtoPixel to materialise his vision of the future. Alexis had a powerful idea of colour transforming hair in an organic and natural way, seamlessly interacting with movement and perception of the environment. ProtoPixel was the technology chosen to make this concepts real.

Our Professional Services team helped Alexis to create a set of miniaturised LEDs, flexible enough to be placed in the scalp without harming the haircuts. These fixtures were interfaced to ProtoPixel Create using a wireless LED controller specially developed for this project.

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During 3 months Alexis worked with our creative team to design lighting content that will perfectly match the whole narrative of his show. The result was a a magical travel through the history of Spanish art, ending in a vision of the future full of movement, colour and interaction, that opened the Wella International TrendVision 2016.






Barcelona, Spain