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Creating Urban Landscapes with Lighting

Our clients, the company Mostly Harmless Media and the new media studio True Facade contacted us to provide the lighting technology for their interactive, mixed media art installation Poles Apart, a beautiful outdoor creation aiming to transform a bridge and its near area in Bricktown, Oklahoma's downtown historic entertainment district, marking the arrival of ProtoPixel in the USA for the first time.

Artist Stephen Tyler (Mostly Harmless Media) and urban designer Nathan Hendrix (True Facade), who were in charge of the conceptualization and production of the installation, relied on all the products that form our all-in-one lighting platform to turn their idea into a physical creation, from top to bottom. They used our software to easily design the concept, our controllers and Node to deploy all the information and our Manager App to control the installation.

Thanks to the artists' creativity and ProtoPixel's lighting technology, Poles Apart totally transformed one of the areas over the famous Bricktown Canal by means of a series of digital led bars that continuously changed color, shapes and scenes–thus creating a new urban landscape in the city's centre.

This simple yet great creation is a good example of how any user, with any idea in mind, can employ our platform and reach success in an easy, accessible and professional way.

  • ProtoPixel Create (lighting design software)
  • ProtoPixel Mini WiFi Controllers
  • ProtoPixel Node
  • ProtoPixel Manager App
  • Digital LED bars
  • A project by True Facade and Mostly Harmless Media.
  • Lighting Technology by ProtoPixel.
  • Video and Photos: Stephen Tyler.

Mostly Harmless Media




Oklahoma, USA