KAPITEL Alexander Deubl Close 4 Dunkel Kopie

Immersive Lighting Objects for Museums

Our client, the German new media artist and lighting designer Alexander Deubl relied once again on the full potential of ProtoPixel to create one of his dynamic art installations, this time for the Pinakothek der moderne in Münich.

Deubl, a true master of lighting in search of the future experiences, wanted his small-size, indoor piece Kapitell to create a hypnotic and immersive effect using simple materials for its production (glass, wood and LED lights) while merging design, art and architecture, aiming to easily deploy it with a single ProtoPixel controller. The result is truly addictive to the human eye.

This is a great example of Creative Technology. Thanks to our easy-to-use, accessible and professional platform, talented minds around the globe like Alexander Deubl are using their creativity to turn it into real ideas and push the boundaries of lighting with their amazing, meaningful projects.

  • ProtoPixel Mini Controller (ethernet)
  • ProtoPixel Node & Manager App
  • ProtoPixel Create (lighting moods)
  • A project by Alexander Deubl for Pinakothek der moderne.
  • Technology: ProtoPixel.
  • Video and Photos: Bernhard Lehm.
  • Sound: PolyPole.

Pinakothek der moderne




Münich, Germany