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Inspired in Barcelona: SPA

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The exhibition that hosted 15,500 visitors

Guillermo Santomá, the renowned architect and creative, has crafted the installation "Inspired in Barcelona: SPA" (Inspired in Barcelona®) specifically for the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Milan. This captivating exhibit was featured during Milan Design Week, and took place from April 18th to 23th, 2023. For this exhibition, we collaborated with Guillermo and our partner Simon.

The installation has been the main project of the Inspired Barcelona initiative, organized by the BcD-Barcelona Design Center and promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ayuntament de Barcelona, which this year is entirely dedicated to light.

We had the opportunity of contributing to the space with our signature skylight, created with a series of warm-white and cold-white LED strips, and one ProtoPixel Duo Controller, allowed for control over 1716 points of light, covering a total area of 3,42 m2. Moreover, our participation extends to the luminous signage, which frames the entrance to the installation and imbues it with dynamic digital light.

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Transforming Spaces and Materials

Inspired in Barcelona: SPA is a facility designed to provide complete immersion in various therapeutic areas. In this context, it represents an architectural space where Santomà engages with light as a tangible material. He explores various visual and thermal frequencies, intertwining them with architectural and human bodies, as well as diverse surfaces. The objective is to delve into the actions of light and its transformative power, molding novel shapes and altering their structure in an ever-fluid and evolving interaction.

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Showcasing Catalan Talent

Inspired in Barcelona® is a platform with a global reach, dedicated to promoting creative talent and design inspired by Barcelona.

Operated by the Barcelona Centre de Disseny, this platform aims to showcase the creative output of brands and professionals, as well as to inspire emerging projects. It also serves as a hub for sharing content that highlights the potential of Barcelona's local creative industries on the international stage

Inspired in Barcelona: SPA, 2023, Milano Design Week.



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