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A Conversation Between Light, Technology and Design

For the 2021 edition of Casa Decor –an international platform for interior design, trends and lifestyle taking place in Madrid– electrical and lighting solutions company Simon presented D.Lights, a project by architect Stephanie Chaltiel (of MuDD Architects) made in collaboration with ProtoPixel.

As its technological partner in lighting control and interactive design, ProtoPixel provided the installation a unique lighting touch to design a narrative where light, technology and sound formed a choreography that created a space within a space while radically changing our perception of the environment.

Stephanie Chaltiel has made full use of our all-in-one platform to design, deploy and control an immersive experience where the spectator is also part of the conversation with the space. The drones fly over the piece, which is made of 2 arches that surround visitors and give way to a choreography linked with the lighting elements that are integrated inside. The changing colors of the light integrated in the fabric, which are synchronized with the sounds of nature, submerge the visitor in a forest.

Thanks to ProtoPixel, D.Lights explores the close relationship between new lightweight technologies and the ongoing desire for closeness to nature in indoor spaces.

  • ProtoPixel Create (lighting moods)
  • ProtoPixel Node
  • ProtoPixel 8-channel LED Controller
  • A project by Simon, Stephanie Chaltiel and ProtoPixel for Casa Decor 2021
  • Lighting Technology by ProtoPixel
  • Pics by Imagen Subliminal and Luis Hevia

Simon Electric




Madrid, Spain