Optika Studio 2

Transforming Public Spaces with Lighting

Danish experience design and creative studio Optika relied on ProtoPixel lighting technology to create their audiovisual installation AURA for Åben Festival in Copenhagen. AURA⁠ combines an ambient 3D soundscape with audio-reactive light structures to transform the urban space into an ethereal journey.

The piece is a great example of how to reimagine the great outdoors and an excellent demonstration that the ProtoPixel community is facing the challenge with innovation, at the intersection of technology and lighting design.

SOUNDBOKS provided their amazing wireless speakers to build up a fully sensorial experience that amazed the attendees of the festival.

Founded in 2019 as a collective of creative minds, Optika is disrupting the norms of design, working with new and innovative tech towards creating immersive and unforgettable moments.

  • A project by Optika Studio for Aaben Festival
  • Sound: Riesenfeld
  • Lighting Technology: ProtoPixel
  • Sound System: Soundboks
  • Video and Photos: Optika Studio

Optika Studio




Copenhagen, Denmark