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Air, Light & Color: "Aria Libera" at Milan FuoriSalone

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Last April, we had the privilege to participate for the first time in Euroluce, the leading international fair for light, in Milano. Showcasing our lighting technology through collaborations with esteemed companies and designers.

The sensations that evoke a feeling of liberation originate from intangible elements, independent of any physical form. The exhibit of Aria Libera at the FuoriSalone '23 in Milan serves as a manifestation of iGuzzini's brand values, encompassing not only the composition of its products but also the immersive experience generated by the interplay of air, light, shadow, color, and sound. Together, these elements harmoniously create the captivating atmosphere that defines the essence of Libera.

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Working alongside Artec Studio and its founder Maurici Ginés, we collaborated to create a dynamic atmosphere simulating the sensation of floating amidst clouds. Our ProtoPixel Node and ProtoPixel Create software seamlessly integrated into the installation, providing visitors with an engaging experience.

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Throughout Euroluce, we aimed to seamlessly integrate our technology into these stands, showcasing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of lighting design. Our partnerships reflected our dedication to innovation and collaboration, transforming spaces and generating new lighting experiences.

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Euroluce 2023 provided a platform for us to share the beauty and potential of ProtoPixel technology. Our Integrate and Create softwares, ProtoPixel Duo, Node and Enabler, played instrumental roles in creating memorable experiences. We remain grateful for the opportunity, and look forward to seeing you soon.


Aria Libera 2023 by Maurici Ginés & Artec Studio for iGuzzini







Milano, Italy