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Helping a Lighting Designer to Prototype

In our ongoing mission to associate our brand with the most talented and advanced minds of our time in the fields of lighting, design and architecture, a new and interesting project emerged led by the master Antoni Arola, one of the most important designers in the world and a light artist with whom we have collaborated on several occasions for both outdoor and indoor proposals, be they objects or large-scale installations.

Antoni Arola was commissioned to design and deploy the lighting for the new home of one of the world's most famous singers. A house that is a prodigy of modern architecture and for which ProtoPixel has provided the ideal technology to make it a benchmark of design at all levels. From the entrance hall to the garden and through all the rooms and spaces, the effect of light has been created to make everyday life a welcoming, functional and aesthetically beautiful experience.

Thanks to the crystal-clear visual effect offered by the models created by Arola and his talented young team, projects like this one, where lamps, luminaires and LED strips live together harmoniously under the same roof, make ProtoPixel's technology a real eye-catcher and a living proof that is an easy-to-use, professional and creative tool for those that are pushing the boundaries of dynamic smart lighting, interior and product design, and modern domestic architecture.

  • ProtoPixel Create (lighting moods)
  • ProtoPixel Mini WiFi LED Controller
  • A project by Antoni Arola Studio
  • Lighting Technology by ProtoPixel
  • Pics by Héctor Milla

Estudi Arola




Barcelona, Spain