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The Illuminated Facade of Espai Mataró Connecta

Transforming the Plaza de la Muralla into a vibrant canvas, here's the new facade of Espai Mataró Conecta. This project was a collaboration between Artec Studio, Lumalia, LED Dream and ProtoPixel. A wall of 311 bars create a 36-meter wide display. Custom, dynamic and interactive content fed directly to the installation from our ProtoPixel Mapping Tool and orchestrated by a Node. Artec Studio, the creative force behind the project, drew inspiration from Mataró's visual and auditory map to create the Content, encapsulating the city's essence. The lighting and control system developed by us created the backbone of this project.

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The entirety of the installation is controlled using four Long-Range V2 and one Node orchestrator. Artec’s role in conceptualizing and designing the luminous slats was pivotal. These bars were custom-made, and have the peculiarity of being lined with Dichroic Paper, giving the installation a beautiful flare even when exposed to sunlight. The engineering and production processes ensured that the facade achieved a balance between aesthetic appeal and technical functionality.

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The user-friendly mobile application we developed for the installation, enables City Council personnel to easily curate content, ensuring ongoing adaptability and community engagement. Content Remote Connection and Content Automation are also incorporated in the installation.

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Espai Mataró Connecta, 2023

Designed by Artec Studio
Developed by ProtoPixel


Artec Studio




Mataró, Spain