Designing the Ultimate Club Experience

Apolo-Nitsa, one of the most well-known concert hall and night club in Barcelona, relies on the technology of ProtoPixel to renovate La (2) room with a large-scale LED grid, almost covering the entire roof, controlled by ProtoPixel technology. 

The LED structure, composed of 24,000 pixels totalling a length of 400 m, can be controlled pixel by pixel and allows the deployment of high impact lighting environments to accompany the hall's musical program. 

The use of a tool such as ProtoPixel offers a different experience to the thousands of people who visit La (2) every year: it changes profoundly the way lighting is used in an environment such as a concert hall, since it allows to create and manage content from the cloud, to control it through mobile devices and to synchronize it automatically with the rest of the visual content of the room (screens, projections).






Barcelona, Spain



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