New Formats Around Music and Lighting

Our partner Acid House Barcelona–through its sister companies Folch Studio and White Horse–contacted us to provide the lighting design and technology for Gallery Sessions, a format for live sessions in a street-level window like stage, halfway between the videoclip and the live show, which brings together different artists and musical genres. 

With this global and transmedia perspective, Gallery seeks to explore the local talent and showcase it to the world. In this sense, the first session was the premiere of Amaia and Alizzz's new track "El encuentro".

The Gallery's staging aims to portray the performance of the artists, without distractions, and contrasting them with the urban environment. 

The second session was Paula Cendeja's "Como habla una mujer". And the third one was Rohuu's "IKARI".

  • ProtoPixel Create (lighting design)
  • ProtoPixel Controller (8-channel)
  • Digital LED bars 
  • A project by Folch Studio and White Horse for Acid House Barcelona.
  • Lighting Technology by ProtoPixel.
  • Video and Photos: Gallery Sessions.

Acid House




Barcelona, Spain



More from the showcase

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