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Make your vision of light reality with the most intuitive design software on the market. Let it take you from the commissioning process to the creation of dynamic lighting.

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Software Suite

Access the full capacity of the ProtoPixel Platform.


My ProtoPixel

Monitor, manage and update your installations with a decentralized remote management service

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My ProtoPixel

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ProtoPixel App

Lighting control app to manage and adapt your lighting concept to the real space. Available for mobile and tablet.

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ProtoPixel App

ProtoPixel App allows users to easily organise and control lighting from everyday environments like the office, to unique retail experiences that pack a punch.




Platform Architecture Overview

Open and interoperable for all kinds of lighting projects.
Browse the complete architecture > https://file.notion.so/f/f/4de...

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Platform Features


  • Control through natural light contribution

  • Presence/absence control

  • Adjustment of maximum/minimum dimming levels

  • Schedule/scene control for security, cleaning, etc

  • Timed control through presence/motion sensors

  • Timed control of hallways with ramp-up/ramp-down lighting

  • Individual control of each luminaire via ProtoPixel App or physical push-buttons

  • Energy optimization through natural light contribution with instant adjustment

  • Reduction of thermal load in the building by regulating light sources

Well-being and Comfort

  • Manual or automatic scene control

  • Ramp-up/ramp-down lighting for on/off transitions

  • Scene activation via physical push-buttons, sensors,
    or ProtoPixel App (configurable and flexible)

  • Space-based control and grouping

  • RGBW color control (PWM, DMX, SPI)

  • Tunable White control (DALI2, PWM, DMX, SPI)

  • Comfort optimization through natural light contribution
    with imperceptible changes in lighting

  • Generation of static or dynamic content

Dynamic Contents

  • Dynamic lighting control for facades, hallways, lobbies,
    (DALI2, CASAMBI, SPI, Artnet, DMX)

  • Ready-to-use content library

  • Preview of dynamic content

  • Content generation without connected elements (offsite mode)

  • Content upload: video, camera, images, sound

  • Creation of content from scratch via script

  • Content integration via Syphon or NDI


  • Wired systems (DALI2, DMX, SPI)

  • Wireless systems (Casambi)

  • Wireless push-buttons (Enocean)

  • Room control via Smartphone and ProtoPixel App

  • Wired push-buttons and sensors (DALI2)

  • Reading of conventional push-buttons via DALI2

  • Simon 270 iO wireless push-buttons

  • Physical test mode to ensure correct installation
    of all ProtoPixel devices

  • Maximum of 254 devices per Ethernet network,
    800.000 DMX channels, ~200.000 pixels at 30fps,
    4.000 DALI luminaires, 254 scenes, 254 groups


  • Universal tool for Windows/MAC (DALI2, CASAMBI, SPI,
    Artnet, DMX) in DXF format

  • Graphical programming without text list configuration

  • Plan-based visualization, optimal management by space type or floor

  • Schedule programming in "Outlook" format

  • Visualization of luminaire dimming status

  • Alarm management

  • Manageable system without the need for cloud

  • Open tool with no annual fee


  • Local API

  • BACnet IP