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ProtoPixel provides me with a complete lighting technology that allows me to focus on creating experiences.

Guillermo Santomà,
Artist & Architect at Simon Electric
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ProtoPixel Create

The most powerful lighting design software on the market. Create dynamic lighting using images, video, generative visuals, or code.

Make your lighting interact with mobile devices, sensors, wearables, or cloud data.

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ProtoPixel Mini

The perfect LED controller to make your first lighting projects a reality. A miniaturized device for any type of digital LED fixture–handling up to 600 RGB LEDs–that you can use as a player of sequences stored in the microSD card, or as a streaming controller integrated to ProtoPixel Create or a Node.

It comes in two configurations: WiFi (quick and easy setup) and Ethernet (deploy your professional installations faster).

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ProtoPixel Long-Range

The perfect LED Controller for your large scale projects. With an easy and fast setup, it allows you to automate in seconds, reach over 500 meters, manage 10K pixels, and integrate through PoE with AV systems, BMS's, sensors and more.

It is amazingly easy to install and compatible with industry standards. The next level for professional lighting in retail, office and hospitality.

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ProtoPixel & Light Walls' Learning Kits

Get started with Dynamic Lighting with our learning kits, in partnership with Light Walls. Handy and solid suitcase containing complete solutions in two levels of advancement.

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