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ProtoPixel provides me with a lighting technology and experience that allows me to focus on creating.

Guillermo Santomà,
Artist & Architect at Simon Electric
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ProtoPixel Create

Create dynamic lighting using images, video, generative visuals, or code. Make your lighting interact with mobile devices, sensors, wearables, or cloud data.

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ProtoPixel WiFi Controller

A miniaturized wireless pixel LED controller for any type of digital LED fixture, and handling up to 600 RGB LEDs. Use it as a player of sequences stored in the microSD card, or as a streaming controller, integrated to ProtoPixel Create or a Node.

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ProtoPixel & Light Walls' Learning Kits

Get started with Dynamic Lighting with our learning kits, in partnership with Light Walls. Handy and solid suitcase containing complete solutions in two levels of advancement.


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