Spaces hero v11

The lighting of the future is here, now

ProtoPixel Spaces allows you to transform your lighting ideas into a reality using your phone or tablet.

Spaces v1

Configure. Change. Control.

Spaces enables on-site configuration to free integrators from the ties of desktop design software.

Work with tunable white or mix up the colour of your fixtures; trigger lighting moods with physical switches; integrate with sensing, audiovisual, and building management systems; or make life easier by automating everyday usage — the possibilities are endless.

Widgets v5
End users

This really is Lighting. Simplified.

Spaces allows you to create bespoke user profiles to give varying levels of control through widgets, while minimising clutter and confusion. This means you could give one user nothing more than a single button to turn off the lights, while another has the capabilities to adjust finer details like warmth and effects.
The result? A unique, easy and totally unforgettable user experience.

Rules v2

Playing by the rules never looked so good.

Efficient lighting is the very ethos of Spaces. And what better way to save time than by automating lighting changes in your spaces? Rules can be triggered by everything from moods and sensors to APIs.

Proto Pixel ecosystem v3 2
Complete solution

Protopixel’s configuration co-pilot.

Bundled with the platform’s advanced lighting design software Create and the hardware device Node, Spaces integrates both traditional and addressable LEDs and allows you to connect mechanisms to activate moods and scenes using domotics.

What can it do?

Spaces allows integrators, designers, facility managers and everyday users to easily organise and control lighting projects. From everyday environments like the office, to unique retail experiences that pack a punch.


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Integrator control

Seamlessly bring together integrators and users with the configuration tools needed to quickly and efficiently deploy lighting solutions on-site, using nothing more than a phone or tablet.

End users v2

Optimised end user experience

Bespoke user profiles ensure a clutter-free, easy and enjoyable user experience.

Widgets v3


Widgets allow installers to add the most important controls for everyday use. Whether it’s adding shortcuts or disabling functionalities you don’t need, Spaces is designed to be adaptable.

Spaces v2

Infinite Spaces

A Space can be as large and impactful as a shopping centre, or as small as a corner of your desk — you can even create Spaces within Spaces to ensure complete configurable control.

Rules v3

Automation rules

Create automation rules based on sensors, APIs, building management systems and more.