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You are about to create great things

ProtoPixel helps us create relaxing and inspiring situations with its easy-to-use lighting technology.

Ingo Maurer,
Founder & Creative Director at Ingo Maurer

Get your token ready

Don't you have a subscription token yet or want to know the benefits?


Follow these 3 simple steps to get started.

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1. Open the Subscription Manager 🔑

Open ProtoPixel Create and go to Help→Subscription... in the menu bar.

Subscription enter details

2. Add your token 🔗

Add there the e-mail you used in the purchase and the token. Once you are done, click activate.

Subscription success

3. Confirm ✅

If everything is correct a confirmation message will appear. Congratulations! Your subscription has been activated.

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Did not succeed? Check our documentation for any troubleshooting.