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Functional and emotional design

Bring your lighting concepts to life in one place with ProtoPixel Create and ProtoPixel Integrate

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Let the software do the heavy lifting for you

With ProtoPixel Integrate, our automatic autodiscovery feature gets devices and protocols connected in just one click. Allows for different protocols - pixel control, DMX, DALI2, Z-Wave, and more.

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Everything in its right place

Make it easier than ever to bring your space into the digital world. Upload your CAD file into our ProtoPixel Integrate tool and simply locate the luminaries with a drag-and-drop.

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Create without constraints

Design functional and emotional moods for your spaces. ProtoPixel Create gives you all the power of high-level lighting software with all the benefits of a short learning curve.

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Stand on the shoulders of giants

ProtoPixel Create has an ever-growing library of content to accelerate your designs. Access a range of pre-made designs and templates in addition to filtering tools and video, sensors and IoT data integration. Everything you need to create showstopping lighting experiences is just a click away.



Take your design to the next level

Amplify your project using the rest of the ProtoPixel platform. Deploy your projects with the ProtoPixel Node and ProtoPixel controllers and break physical barriers with the Remote Access tool, by updating or generating new content wherever you are.

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