Making Guillermo Santoma's Vision a Reality

Artist and architect Guillermo Santomà contacted us and Simon Electric to provide the lighting technology needed for his artistic installation "Pista de Baile" at the Intermediae space of the world-renowned Matadero Madrid contemporary creation centre.

While making a phenomenal use of our all-in-one platform, Santomà expanded to the top the intervention's creative possibilities, mixing light, materials and experience. Thus, the piece becomes a platform that is constantly changing and adapting to the different contents within the programme, thanks to our lighting technology.

Santomà transformed Intermediae into a completely different space. The result is a self-supporting structure that seems covered by sand, as if it were a negative of the original architecture it is part of. 

“Having Simon and ProtoPixel as co-creation partners has given me access to a technology and experience that is not usually within our reach to create with,” Guillermo Santomà.

Pista de Baile will be open to the public until July, 31st, 2021.

  • ProtoPixel Create (lighting designs)
  • ProtoPixel Controller (8-channel)
  • ProtoPixel Node & App
  • Remote Management Cloud Service
  • A project by Guillermo Santomà and Simon Electric for Matadero Madrid 
  • Lighting Technology: ProtoPixel
  • Photos: Geray Mena and Estudio Perplejo

Simon Electric




Madrid, Spain



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