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So you got a new ProtoPixel Mini WiFi Controller, right? Getting it to work is as easy as 1-2-3 !

Don't you have a controller?

Controller Connector

Open Sesame 📦

Open the package. You get all the cables you need: None

The 16 Gb micro SD card should already be inserted and loaded with some content.

How to connect wifi controller 0 00 07 21

Power it up ⚡️

Connect it to your 5v or 12v LED strip* or fixture*.

(+) Means positive, (-) negative and (D) for data.

Plug in the power supply* and you will see the controller blinking and a light pattern through your LED fixture. As simple as that.

* Power supply and fixture are not included.

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Connect to the Mini WiFi Controller 🤳🏿

In this example we show you how to do it on iOS, but the best thing is that you can connect to the Mini WiFi Controller from ANY device 😎 . Just follow these steps:

Make sure your WiFi 📶 of your device is turned on, search for the Wi-Fi access point on the list of networks and connect to it.

HINT: You will find it as PPXwifi followed by 4 letters. Like this: PPXwific3c4

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Take Control 🎛️

Open a browser and navigate to

Now tap on any of the factory recordings. You will see the light 😃

This is only the beginning

Learn how to do the next steps

How do I stream content to my Mini WiFi Controller using ProtoPixel Create?

The process is the same as with our wired controllers. Just make sure you are connected to the Mini WiFI Controller or connected to the same Wi-Fi Network. Open ProtoPixel Create add a Controller: it should appear automatically in the Devices list.

Can I add more recordings?

Yes. The process is done via the App. First generate a recording through ProtoPixel Create and then upload it using the App.

How do I connect the controller to my Wi-Fi Network?

It is very easy once you have access to the App. Navigate to the Menu located in the top right of the App. Tap on Wi-Fi and select your network.

Design, deploy and control light. ProtoPixel is all you need – in one platform.


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