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Get to Speed with ProtoPixel Create

If you want to develop new narratives on phygital environments, you need an experienced lighting partner. Ours is ProtoPixel.

Rafa Martínez,
Founder at Acid House

Follow these 5 simple steps to get started.

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1. Install ⚙️

Unzip the dmg file by double-clicking it. Open it and drag the ProtoPixel App into Applications.

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2. Open 🔑

The first time you will have to do it manually by going to the Applications folder, second-clicking the ProtoPixel Create application, and selecting Open.

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3. Add a fixture 💡

Start your project by adding a fixture. Add a line to create a simple digital RGB LED strip.

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4. Add content 🧬

You can now add multiple types of content. The easiest way is using the Content Library. We recommend you starting with Simple Ambients.

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5. Preview your work 🖥️

Check out the results. By toggling the preview mode you can go through the effect on the LED strip without having to connect to anything.

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