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ProtoPixel Duo

Versatile. Compact. Flexible.

The ProtoPixel Duo is your best entry point to the ProtoPixel platform. Connect through Ethernet or WIFI from the same device. Use it as a stand-alone or as part of a system.

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All options in the palm of your hand

The Duo offers connection via Ethernet or WiFI from a single device. Choose the option that suits you best depending on the needs of the space, the ProtoPixel Duo has all your bases covered.

With versatility also comes power. Unlock quadruple pixel capacity compared to previous versions and control up to 2400 RGB pixels from this one device.

DUO USP SD cover image

In the driver's seat

The ProtoPixel Duo offers a unique feature: the stand-alone mode. Using the wireless connection you can deploy a complete installation with only the Duo and an SD memory card.

Use the controller as an autonomous content player by using our web app ‘Player’. Upload your content, hit play and watch the items reproduce automatically and on a loop.


The Swiss Army Knife of deployments

The ProtoPixel Duo is also a team player: use it as a stand-alone device or as a plus one for a larger installation as it integrates seamlessly with the rest of the platform.

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Get ready to go

Set up and configure safely. The Duo is now equipped with its own Configuration Tool, a web app developed to give you visibility during the project. Quit double-checking the status of the controller and wire up everything from a single site.

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Ensure your work

Make your installations easier thanks to the Configuration Tool and the testing buttons.

You can access it via any web browser, change the network and other settings of the device, as well as test your fixtures with a single button.


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