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Tools to create unique products

Design-first tools to empower products through light, maximising value and creating a long-lasting relationship with your users.

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All-in-one lighting platform

A simple, versatile and limitless platform that converts dynamic and functional lighting control into simplicity, accessibility and efficiency. With a consistent user experience, from designer to consumer. 


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Create your vision of light for your projects and products

Spaces v2


Enhance the lighting experience integrating the digital ecosystem with an open platform

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Give your users control of the product with digital and physical interfaces

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Your solution to deploy quickly and efficiently a project or even adapting firmware products

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Access, monitorice and update contents remotely wherever you are

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ProtoPixel Create

ProtoPixel Create is a powerful lighting design software. Experiment with your ideas and visualize them in an instant. From designers just starting with light to experts creating high-impact lighting experiences. 

It contains a content library ready to be displayed on digital luminaries.

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Solutions like physical switches, daylight and presence sensors, sockets and blinds are natively compatible with the ProtoPixel ecosystem. 

Any kind of luminaires is compatible with the ProtoPixel platform.

Through our open API is it possible to make ad hoc integration with other digital products or BMS integration. 



MyProtoPixel is the perfect control and monitoring platform for the creator and the integrator.

With MyProtoPixel, it is possible to remotely access lighting installations, see their status in real-time, and update or adapt content to different needs over time.

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ProtoPixel seed

With the ProtoPixel controllers and node, you can instantly deploy lighting projects and automate them with different types of data.

Or start using our firmware to co-design your own vision of light into a product, make your physical luminaire into a digital luminaire as a twin, defining usability and lighting behaviour. 

ProtoPixel’s all-in-one platform is compatible with standard lighting protocols such as DMX, Artnet, and DALI2 until On-Off luminaires.

Create Release 2 10 usp1

ProtoPixel Spaces

With Spaces, the ProtoPixel App, the control experience adapts to the context and each day. Integrators can configure lighting projects in record time while the end-user experience is simplified and automated.